Crocs Yukon: Review in Progress

I was recently sent a pair of Crocs, the Yukon to be exact. You’re probably wondering what do Crocs have anything to do with a mountain bike. Well its simple really, when we have to drive down to the trail head, I don’t necessarily like to put on my cycling shoes while operating my vehicle. So I’ll typically wear some flip flops, or slippers. Also once I’m done riding, I want to take my shoes off right away and slip into something more comfortable. The Crocs Yukon will serve that purpose for me. Basically its a pair of shoes that can be my before and after ride foot wear.

Besides, I’m also a big fan of the Crocs look and I’d wear them casually. So if I need to go to the store, or need to go out side, I can just slip these on.

I got these on Saturday and have been wearing them every chance I get. They are super comfy! The heels on them are so soft and cushiony that I can even run with them. Not to say these are intended to run a few miles in, but the other day I forgot something in the house and I had to run from the car. They felt great!

I’m wearing the Crocs after a ride that we had on Saturday…

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  1. Also my preferred before and after and whenever shoe. Our LBS (which my wife works at) is also a croc dealer.

  2. Those Crocs are kinda cool…a dressier version for going to church?

    I’m a huge fan of Crocs. I have a pair that I use for gardening. They’re top-rack dishwasher safe, too, did you know that? Just don’t let them get near one of the heating elements or they will turn into goo.

    The Axels, on the other hand, look like Yuppie shoes. Grab your shotgun and your basket to retrieve all those dead ducks, and then retire to the country club!

  3. we are from Amsterdam and we are the only 1 who have yukons in Amsterdam and it feels GREAT yesssssssssssss

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