Hayes Stroker Ace

More Sea Otter stuff: Our buddy Q from KHS showed us a little something new that is starting to make the rounds on the net. It’s the new Hayes Stroker Ace, a 4-pot version of the very nice Stroker brake.


No markings… production model will have a star and “Stroker Ace”

Some info:

* Lightweight Downhill & Freeride brakes
* Stoker master cylinder
* Longer lever with aggressive hook and increased mechanical advantage
* Indexed reach adjustment dial
* Four-piston, forged mono-block caliper
* Sintered and semi met pads available
* Fits 6, 7, 8, and 9? rotors
* System weight: <440grams (6? post mount with steel mount hardware)

Brake system

Red with white lettering

Nice details on the reservoir and caliper

Click here for Hayes site.

6 Replies to “Hayes Stroker Ace”

  1. Hmm looks a little like the older hope 4 piston caliper, but it’s about time Hayes came out with something new and cool 🙂 love the red aluminum on the caliper

  2. Pricing anyone???? i will buy one of these as soon as possible.Code does not have the modulation of the HAYES.Brute force is nothing without control.so WELCOME ACE !!!

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