See what you can win!?!

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Remember that contest that I posted where I asked people to guess what part of my body this photo was from?

Well after getting some entries…all with the wrong answer! Chris Arnold, a loyal reader won! I had promised in the contest that I would give the winner something from my garage. After looking around, I felt guilty in giving the fella some stickers and pens. So I told him to hold his horses and promised him something from the 2008 Sea Otter Classic.

So here’s Chris showing off his commemorative 2008 Sea Otter Classic Messenger Bag. All the media folks were given a goodie bag and one of the items was…this bag! It’s a sweet messenger back and I wanted to keep it, but I remembered that I made a promise to Chris. So I gave up my swag and shipped it to him as soon as I got back. See how happy he is!

RL Policar

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3 thoughts on “See what you can win!?!

  1. Dana,

    No my head is not that big, yet. But once we’re world famous…more so than we are, then perhaps I’ll start sending out my black and white 8×10 with autographs.

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