Serfas Sike Out Sunglasses Review

Along with the Serfas Krest 9er tires, our friends from Serfas also sent us some sunglasses to test. I’ve been riding with the Sike Out sunglasses for a while, so here’s my review:


*(H.O.T.)Helmet Optimized Temples Reduce Helmet Interference
*Decentered Polycarbonate Lens Technology
*Top Vented Lenses
*Includes Rose, Brown, Rust and Clear Lenses to Match All Conditions
*TR-90- Frame Construction For Extreme Durability
*Adjustable Nose Piece To Allow Customized Fit
*Furnished With EVA Hard Case and Micro Fiber Bag

Highlights:Although I prefer to ride with photochromatic lenses, the Sike Out interchangeable lenses offer a wider range of shades. I’ve ridden with all 4 lenses and all of them have performed beautifully.

The Brown lenses are dark enough for very sunny conditions, they are not as dark as ‘limo tint’, but I never got blinded by the sun or bright reflections.

The Rust lenses were my favorite to ride when it was cloudy or overcast. The greens really jump out at you making the dirt trail very visible and distinctive.

The clear lenses are ideal for night riding, there was no glare and they protected my eyes from the wind and any dirt debris thrown from following a fellow rider. The small vents also helped out with lessening the fogging effect, they aren’t 100% fog free, but I’ve yet to find sunglasses that are.

The last lenses that I tried were the Rose. These lenses are good for most conditions, from cloudy to sunny. I think these lenses excel for driving, they have become my ‘daily driver’ lenses.

Lowlights:I still struggle a bit when I try to install the lenses, this usually happens when I’m in a hurry or when it is dark. The lenses have to be perfectly aligned to the frame, otherwise, they are a little hard to snap in place.

My recommendation:
There are two features that matter most to me, comfort and versatility. The Sike Out sunglasses are very comfortable, Serfas’ H.O.T technology works very well and the nose bridge is very adjustable. I also have big head (where else can I store such amount of genius?), the Sike Out’s frame didn’t add pressure to the back or side of my head as some other sunglasses do. As far as versatility goes, these sunglasses are excellent to wear on and off the bike, I really dig sunglasses that won’t make me look like a dork when I’m using them as my daily sunglasses.

The MSRP of the Sike Out is $60.00, an excellent price for such high quality, comfortable and versatile sunglasses. I truly recommend these sunglasses, in fact, they would make an excellent stocking stuffer!

For more information or to check out all the other models that Serfas offers, go to

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