Where do you chicken out?

Each rider has their limits on what they can do. When you come across a certain portion of the trail do you dismount because its too scary, technical or perhaps you dropped your cajones further back on the trail to execute the task?

Do you steer away from rock gardens?

Log crossings?


What ever it may be…what do you hesitate on or avoid completely? Personally I’m not much of a jumper, I can handle them but I don’t go out and look for some dirt jumps to practice on.

4 Replies to “Where do you chicken out?”

  1. hi Tim,

    Sorry about the image, I’ll take it down and replace it. I didn’t mean that your wife chickened out, I was basically looking for log crossing/mountain bike pics and your was the best I found.

    Glad she did well.



  2. No worries. As I said, I don’t mind you using it at all. Just prefer that the proper link attribution is in place. Should also do that for the other photos, so that an image click takes you to that photo’s Flickr page. I would love to know what happened to the guy biting it on the Surly.

    Great site by the way.

  3. The only time I have to get off my bike is when I’m do insane grades (either up or down) and trying to ride up large loose rocks don’t work so well, and if it just rained or is raining, forget it – grip=none! Curse those dirt bikers! They get to ‘drive’ right up and down! Oh well… =P

    Oh yea, and then there’s river crossings… which sometimes I have to get off in order to walk over the tiny rock bridge/path that someone built.

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