Which side do you crash on the most?

During my practice runs before my DH race, I crashed 2 times in which I landed on my right side. In previous races and practice sessions, I’ve also crashed on my right side. If you look at my impact suit and knee/shin pads, my left side is pretty clean, no gouges or obvious signs of contact with the ground. But if you look at my right side, then you’ll notice scrapes and ugliness from the times I’ve crashed.

I had asked the rest of the DH crew to see if they’ve crashed more on one side than the other.
Here I am crashing on my right side.

Another crash.

One thing we all found in common was that we have crashed more on the side that is opposite of our dominant hand. So for me being a lefty, crashing on my right occurred more. Makes me wonder if our dominant hand plays a role in it? Maybe it has something to do with a person being more coordinated with their dominant side than the other…

How about you, which side you crash on the most?

4 Replies to “Which side do you crash on the most?”

  1. I crash on my right almost always, But i’m right handed. I wonder if the fact that the chain, gears and such all happen to be on that side make a difference

  2. That’s interesting, I usually bail on my left. My though was that it had to do with my board stance being regular putting my left side to the front.

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