Sea Otter 2009: Whyte Bikes

We got to check out Whyte bike’s 120mm travel full carbon full suspension bike. Whyte is making it’s first foray into the U.S. and they’re doing it with a lightweight splash. The bike comes in at a miserly 22 lbs fully built.

Whyte 120mm, 22lb FS when fully built

How’d it get down to 22lbs? Think carbon, lots of carbon: frame, fork, shock, rims… everything carbon. It’s beautiful.

Some unique pieces that makes the Whyte different is the seatpost tube. Instead of having the gap at the top, Whyte instead made a small rectangle insert and a unique seatpost collar that pushes a piece to tighten on the seatpost.

Seatpost collar pushes in through a rectangular gap in the frame to tighten down

Once Peter is finished building the bike we’re going to have Tim Scissors ride it and give you a ride report later this weekend.

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  1. hi can you help me , iam about to buy a 120xt any reasons why i should or should not , whats a tidal surspension ,
    cheers steve

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