Sea Otter 2009: Camelbak

We stopped by the Camelbak booth for a bit and talked about the Racebak which is a wearable hydration system. The Racebak is great for the athlete who just needs fluids and gets annoyed when the hydration pack dances around on their back. This is also popular for runners, bicyclists and triathletes.

Wearable underneath a jersey, but the big key is that it doesn’t move around

Camelbak’s new Podium Chill Jacket: keeps fluids cool

Has a unique “Jet Valve” that seals when not squeezed

When squeezed, the Jet Valve opens up and squirts out your precious hydration

The Jet Valve is great in that it does not leak and when you’re ready to throw it in your bag, you can rotate the dial on the top and the jet valve will not open even when squeezed.

Good stuff from Camelbak. For Camelbak’s official site, click here.

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