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Here’s the completed Sette Venom.

I’ve yet to take it out on the trail due to my injury, but soon enough I’ll be able to report on how well this bike handles. For now, I just want to enjoy looking at it before it gets all dirty and scratched up from all the use I’ll be putting it through.

sette venom

I did have an issue with the MRP roller on the top. I may have to move the position and make it sit a bit further back towards the rear wheel. The problem with how you see it is, the roller will hit the swing arm, it doesn’t hit when I’m sitting on it, but as soon as it rebounds it will. Make sense?
sette venom

Marzocchi 66light
sette venom

I found that the Azonic bars I’m using isn’t wide enough. I’ve already got myself some Truvativ bars and stem to replace the current set up.
sette venom

I’m hoping to put this bike to use this coming weekend as I hit some trails in Temecula, Ca. I’ll be sure to report back on it next week.

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