Most Beautiful Bike?

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I know its subjective, but I saw this bike and my mouth dropped. Its a Moots Mooto X Y-BB, link here.

Moots Mooto X Y-BB

For me, what makes this bike so beautiful, is first and foremost the lines. In my opinion, hardtails have better lines than full suspension bikes. The rocker, pivots and all that extra stuff take away from the clean, simple straight lines of two triangles forming a bike. I am a fan of curved tubing like the beach cruiser type mountain bike frames, but my first love is still the straight tubing. The soft tail, 1 1/8″ suspension travel, found on the seat stay of this bike does not detract from the overall clean lines. No new lines are created and at first glance, I didn’t even notice the suspension.

The second reason why this bike is beautiful is the color scheme. The gray of titanium is a classy, clean, refined look. It’s also plain so it needs accents. The white accents of the “Moots” decals on the down and seat tube, the Rock Shox Reba fork, stans rims, white brake and derailleur cables are the “big accents” (I’m not a designer here). The small red accents compliment the white and gray. They come in the form of the red headset, downtube decal, seatpost collar, seatpost, nipples, hubs and crankset logo. Even the red stripes on the fork are tasteful and help to bring things together. These little bits of red are just enough to satisfy my taste for color.

I’m not a fan of a lot of anodized parts. Small bits of anodizing works best for me. Keep the purple stems and cranks out of it. I’ll take those parts black, silver or gray with a hint of color to tie it together with the rest of the bike.

Of course it helps that this bike is also clean (I’m not sure why people are so preoccupied with dirty bikes. I like seeing them clean) and that the parts spec is definitely very HIGH END. All together, a very nice clean bike with great lines, excellent color accent choices and super high end parts. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than this.

What makes a beautiful bike to you?

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  1. nice looking bike, but their FS 29er sure got bad reviews! I think Turner needs a Sultan in Ti…

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