Take Junior with you… Adams Trail A Bike

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Never leave home without your kids again, my daughter is in Love with her newest Trail A Bike. I say “newest” because it replaces her standard non suspension single speed Trail A Bike (pictured below).

A lucky find on Craigslist was this Mint condition Adams Trail A Bike-Shocker, it has a five speed coupled with a Grip Shift, and an adjustable rear suspension. Today we took the Rig over to Whiting Ranch to test out the new Trail A Bike. Lets keep this short, it works GREAT. The Little Animal didn’t complain once about it being too bumpy as she did before. I was towing it with my old Santa Cruz Bullit with super soft suspension, and 8 inch brakes so we were able to tackle some more robust trails then we had before with the hard tail with v-brakes.  The Little Animal is very Happy with her new TRAIL A Bike, so is Dad.

8 thoughts on “Take Junior with you… Adams Trail A Bike

  1. That’s awesome Animal. I can imagine her growing up loving mountain biking because of all the times you spent with her on that trail-a-bike.

  2. Yokota Fritz, I stumbled upon this suspension model when I was searching Craigslist for another trailer bike for my sister. I read the ad many times thinking is this real, an unused suspension trailer bike that was 5 years old. After a short trip to San Pedro I found out indeed it was real. I think this model was made in 2004. There is little to no info on the web about this model, Sheldon Brown’s web site has a short blurb about the Adams Shocker. This model may have been discontinued due to high initial cost and or interest, I’ll do some digging for the rest of you parents out there.

  3. That’s pretty cool…I’ve never seen a suspension model.

    All academic, of course — my son HATED his trail-a-bike because of the wild oscillations as it got up to speed. It’s been my experience that such add-ons are unstable as hell until they’re rolling at a decent clip.

  4. Yep rode with all my kids. I started with them on my back when they were just little. They Loved it. We could crank on some serious single track with it. I recomend bar ends to protect their hands, it tracks different then the bike and you can clip trees and bash hands. It is a little awkward at first but not to bad. Good for ages 4-7 ish. When they get too heavy you cannot steer. My kids are older now and riding their own bikes. The suspension would have been nice. I would tell them when to stand over the rough stuff. We had many miles of fun! A must have for any mountain biking family.

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