What’s the rush?

Do you ever find yourself trying to ride as fast as you can through a trail? I’m sure we all have at one point or another.

Though you may be going super fast, you can actually miss out on so many things that the trail can offer such as these little monsters…I HATE caterpillars. They look like fuzzy turds.
There are a few other things you may miss out on, jumps and stuff. If you’re going to fast, then you might miss out on the natural and man made playgrounds.

This was not my best jump/drop…just look at my terrified face! Luckily I didn’t crash, but I did hit my nuts.

Anyhow my point is, enjoy the ride. Don’t be so quick to finish your ride. You never know what you might see or experience if you just go a bit slower. Besides, its not like its a race or anything.

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  1. You got to love the five gallon water bottle for support under the ramp,that’s some first class engineering.

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