I know they are one of God’s creatures and stuffs, but snakes are scary!

Since summer is pretty much here, I’ve seen more and more snakes laying across the trail sun bathing. I swear every time I see them, I freak out! I scream like a little girl and Priscilla just shakes her head in shame when I do that.

I guess some guys aren’t afraid of a little snake, Joe Solancho must be on of them. Check out his video…the dude had an awnry rattler in front of him.

Here’s another example of big balls when it comes to snakes. Jeremy Yang picked one up! Ugh!!!! Just looking at these snake photos gave me the heebie jeebies….

But you know what, there’s one thing I’m not afraid of and I hope that it redeems me in Priscilla’s eyes, that thing would be spiders. I’ve yet to meet a spider that I’m afraid of. Then again, now is the season when tarantulas are starting to come out and they are no joke! They give me the creeps too!

Perhaps I should man up and face these snakes with some courage. I’m not sure how Jeremy and Joe did it, but I may just take a cue from the Homer Simpson and learn how to deal with snakes….

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  1. Man, That’s one thing I hate about riding here in Southern Cali… Snakes…

    I hope that first photo wasn’t taken around here… someones pet anaconda is on the loose

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