What to eat after a ride?

One of my favorite things to do is eat, and ride bikes. Usually after a good ride, we typically will stop off and eat somewhere. But what do we want to eat? Should we just go where it’s close or do we take the time to drive a few more miles to eat better food.

But the question is, “What should we eat?”




Or Filipino?

Where do you and your buddies eat, actually WHAT do you guys eat after a ride?

4 Replies to “What to eat after a ride?”

  1. Jun,

    The last time I had a Balut, a feather got stuck between my teeth, my tongue touched it, then next thing you know I’m gagging…I grossed my self out and since then I haven’t been able to eat another one.

    My mom says to me…”I can no longer call you my son…” haha

  2. Oh no!…

    I ate two during new years eve, maybe the balut you ate was a bit too old…lols. there’s prolly a chicken in there already. Are you sure it was a balut? maybe it was a duck egg…teehee!

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