Airborne Bicycles is in SoCal, and we got to hang out with them!

Main Mountain Biking and a few members of the Race Team was lucky enough to get a chance to hang out with the guys from Airborne Bicycles. After spending the evening eating dinner, we then went out to the restaurant parking lot to check out their 2011 bikes.

Be prepared for shear awesomeness that you are about to experience in this very photo-rich posting. You ready? Here we go!

First up, the very sexy Airborne Delta CX (cyclocross). Laced with an EVO carbon fork, the new SRAM Apex compact drivetrain equipped with 46/36 chain rings and the extended range cassette. Race ready and easy on the wallet with a very attractive price point: $1099.

(Photographer-Jeremy Yang)

Airborne Delta CX
JKY-Airborne Bikes-7

JKY-Airborne Bikes-5

JKY-Airborne Bikes-4

JKY-Airborne Bikes-3

Disc Brakes!
JKY-Airborne Bikes-2

Carbon Fork
JKY-Airborne Bikes-1

Next up…

The Airborne Goblin 29er. Wickedly (as in good) priced at a very hot $1199; the Goblin comes adorned with SRAM X7 2×10 drivetrain, Avid Elixir brakes, Kenda Small Block Eight, Airborne cockpit(stem/bar) and a Rock Shox Reba fork.
JKY-Airborne Bikes-8

JKY-Airborne Bikes-10

JKY-Airborne Bikes-11

JKY-Airborne Bikes-13

JKY-Airborne Bikes-14

“Kool-Aid Green”
JKY-Airborne Bikes-15

Last but certainly not least, the Airborne Wingman. This badassery on two wheels retails for $749 and is equipped with a Marzocchi DJ-3 fork, Tektro hydraulic brakes, Alex rims,Funn stem/bar and Kenda K-Rad tires.
JKY-Airborne Bikes-16

Check out that beefy drop out…dang
JKY-Airborne Bikes-17

This is my favorite parts of the Wingman, the top and downtubes. Airborne decided to go with a 6061 aluminum alloy that was hydro-formed to create this very unique look and style of the tubes.
JKY-Airborne Bikes-18

JKY-Airborne Bikes-19

JKY-Airborne Bikes-20

JKY-Airborne Bikes-21

Here’s some “behind the scenes” photos by Khoa Nguyen.

From left to right: Priscilla’s leg, Rick Vosper (Airborne), Jeremy Mudd (Airborne), Art Aguilar, and Jeremy Yang taking the photo.

The Goblin was Jeremy’s favorite.

Here I am doing my part to help with the pictures as Jeremy works without complaining.
We hope that you enjoyed our little pictorial tour of the new 2011 Airborne Bicycles. If you’re going out to Sea Otter this coming spring, you should see them out there. They plan on having a large presence at the event, in fact, they are planning on selling bikes there too!

Oh check this out, we should be getting these bikes to review in the next few months!

For more info about Airborne Bicycles, make sure you check out their WEBSITE. You should also check out their Facebook Fan Page for the latest and greatest news.

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10 thoughts on “Airborne Bicycles is in SoCal, and we got to hang out with them!

  1. Those all look like great bikes…I’m digging the CX machine, especially because it has now UCI-legal disc brakes. And I love that acid-green color on the Goblin!

    Send one of each my way, please.

  2. I wad looking at the CX frame. Wow the rear wheel is really off centered. Was frame misaligned or the dish that bad?

  3. The Delta CX looks nice. I could use those disc brakes right about now in Denver CO with the snow we’ve been (finally) getting/needing. The debris on the roads is rapidly chewing up my brake pads, as usual during the winter. Any idea what the stock weight of a 56cm bike would be?

    Ride on.

  4. @Carl: Do you mean the close-up photo of the Wingman rear wheel? That’s some sort of weird thing with the photo, as the rear wheel is perfectly centered in the back of the bike (staring at the actual bike right now in my hotel room). I haven’t taken a wrench to it since the photo shoot. So it just must be the angle of the shot or something………its perfectly fine.

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