Sea Otter Night Life


While at Sea Otter you’ll get invited to a ton of parties or film premieres. Usually we’re all too tired to attend any of these these. But once again we fueled up on more energy drinks and headed to town. But this time it was just Priscilla, Art and I. The rest of the crew were back at the condo at Pebble Beach resting.

We wound up at some sort of birthday party for some Giant Free Rider guy. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure who we were singing happy birthday to. But the great part about this venue, chicken wings and shrimp cocktail! Art and I made sure we ate stocked up. I ate so much wings and shrimp that I had to use my second stomach to make room.

Since I was the designated driver for the evening, I couldn’t imbibe my favorite alcoholic beverage until we got to our condo. So that meant a quick stop at the local quickie mart and got some Four Loko! Love this stuff. I shared with Art, Priscilla didn’t want any because she had a bad experience with it the last time she drank some. Four Loko is so strong, that I can only have about 1/4 of it before I feel the effects of the spirits. Art thought it tasted kinda gross, thus the face he’s making. No wait, I think he was already buzzed by then. Perhaps that look is a combination of the Four Loko working and the reaction to the flavor…who knows.

While we were chit chatting in the kitchen, we heard Dan grunt. We totally forgot he was sleeping on the couch. Dan complained that he had a hard time falling asleep without his wife (I can certainly relate), so the last time we saw him that night, he was busy pounding away what he called “sleeping juice” (beer and wine).

That’s about the extent of our experience with the Sea Otter night life. I wish we could have done more, but we were all far too exhausted to do anything but eat and sleep. So there ya have it, we’re pretty boring, well I take that back. Art is an exciting guy, you should see him dance after a few beers. Oh and in the morning, Dan and I made an “Art Sandwich!”

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