The Moe’s Inspiratonal reflections

Now that The Moe has all this time on his hands because he does not have to train to race, he has found his new calling:

Inspirational Mountain Biker

It all came to me after last week’s ride. One of our riding buddies stated that he wouldn’t have ridden if it wasn’t because The Moe was there. At the same time, another buddy of ours confessed that he convinced his wife to ride with us because The Moe was going to ride.

“Where is that darn shuttle????”

What caused all of these riders to be inspired to ride with The Moe? It is all because of his trademarked pace: SlowMoetion. They knew that they didn’t have to worry about blasting down a hill yelling “Rider Up” “Rider Up” while going the opposite direction. They knew that the pace will not cause them to vomit or get cramps. They knew that they will not run out of water because they wouldn’t break a sweat. They also knew that there was a high possibility that The Moe would take a shortcut so he could go eat before the restaurant closed.

“mmm, I’m glad that The Moe took that shorcut!”

Yes folks, that IS inspiration. Think about it.. what are your chances of being a bad ass rider like Tinker Juarez? or Steve Peat? or Sabrina Joyner? However, being like The Moe is easy… grab your bike, hop on and ride and if your buddies give you crap for waiting for you at the top of the hill, just tell them “I was a DH racer at one point, I shuttled”

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