Airborne Bicycles has a new bike coming out.

Its slated to be released in July 2010. They had it on display but told me I couldn’t really show what it is. Below is a photo of what I was allowed to show our readers. You should have seen the Airborne booth, I was taking photos and videos of this bike, then next thing you know 5 guys in black suits came out of nowhere and told me to stop taking pictures. They took my SD cards from my cameras and formatted them on the spot. Then again I’m highly exaggerating all this. I am simply complying with what Airborne wanted. Sorry, no Secret Service type guys. But from what I’ve learned, Eric McKenna of Airborne was some sort of Special Forces guy. I heard he can defuse a bomb with a tooth pick and shoe laces. Some have also said that he can make muggers give him their money when attempting to rob him…badass…

So this bad boy is supposed to be at least 5″ travel and relatively affordable. Once I get more info on this model, I’ll make sure to report it.

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