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While at Sea Otter, I was stopped by an exhibitor claiming that his chain lube is green, biodegradable and better than anything out there. The brand is called Yelo Velo and I was given the Xtra Dry Lube and some sort of degreaser.


So the nice gentleman went on to explain that the Xtra Dry Lube is made with corn alcohol and itty bitty ceramic pieces. The idea is to apply the lube, and when the corn alcohol dries, it leaves behind the ceramic particulate that gets in between the open spaces in your chain, almost acting like microscopic ball bearings.

Anyhow, I started our testing process this evening and Priscilla and I will be heading out for a grinder ride to see how well this stuff works. One thing that concerned me about Yelo Velo was the ceramic particulate. I appiled Xtra Dry on my finger tips, and I can see the ceramic and once the alcohol dried up, it left a white residue. But when I rub it between my finger tips, it felt gritty. Immediately I was worried that I may have just placed this gritty stuff that could potentially ruin my drive train prematurely. With that in mind, I went to Yelo Velo’s website to gain some sort of peace of mind in hopes they’d have some sort of scientific explanation of how their product works. Well guess what, their website isn’t complete yet…great.

Ok now what? Well I figured, I’ll do our short ride tomorrow and see how well this stuff works. If I don’t like it, I’ll just degrease our drive trains.

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