Welcome Nick DiBlasi To the MtnBikeRiders.com Race Team

Please welcome the newest member of the race team, Nick DiBlasi. Nick is relatively new to the whole sport of cycling in general. He’s been road riding for the last 2 years with his wife Megan. Nick got into BMX and mountain biking within the last 4 months. He’s been racing at the Orange Y BMX track in Orange, Ca. His first win and race for biking was during a BMX race last week. With all this talk about BMX, how does Nick fit into the team? The way we see it, we’ve pretty much got all the disciplines covered by our racers, we compete in XC, Super D, Downhill, Single Speed, and Endurance. But there’s been a void that we’ve had this whole time and that’s 4X/mountain cross. Given Nick has some great BMX skills, we’re thinking that he could do some fancy pedal work and bring on some badassery in the name of MtnBikeRiders.com.

Nick with the red bike.

A little bio on our friend Nick. He’s seen the movie RAD, so that makes him cool already. Plus he’s a Sr Technical Sales person at JE Pistons and has been there for 6 years. Prior to that he owned a fabrication company in Lake Forest where they developed race chassis and engines. Prior to that, he worked for an engineering company in Foothill Ranch doing medical electronics R&D. So do you know what all that means? It means Nick can pretty much make anything out of metal! In fact he and I have been in discussion about modifying my tandem bike, but more on that later.

So with all that being said, welcome to the team Nick!

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