I thought things would get better the more I went.


There’s a local bike shop near my office that is on State College and Lincoln in the city of Anaheim. I’ve been there numerous of times and I swear, each visit, I leave even more disappointed than my previous time.

Here’s my reasons why:

1. Lack of selection-Inventory is pretty low. He never has anything in stock. Each time I go in looking for a part, he’ll have to place an order for it.

2. Prices-For some odd reason, his prices are WAY higher than of those from other shops. I’m not sure why he thinks he can tack on a few more bucks on the MSRP…

3. Not helpful-Just today I went in asking if he had any seat post shims. He looks at me and said, “Seat Post Shims?” I said Yes and his response, “Seat Post Shims? Hmm…Seat Post Shims??? (with a puzzled look) Let me see if I have anything.” He shows me what he had, 2 of the same size, which happen to be incorrect size that I needed. Typically if a shop doesn’t have something, they’re willing to order it for you just to keep you as a customer. I asked him if he can order it for me, he says, “No this is all I have…” At that point I leave.

Here’s the thing, I keep going back to this shop hoping that his service and selection gets better. I’ve been there at total of 4 times and today was my last. I’m all about supporting your local bike shop, but how can I do that if the guy doesn’t even have the stuff I need nor does he want to help me. So for now, I’m going else where with my money.

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of MtnBikeRiders.com and BikeCommuters.com. Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).


1 thought on “I thought things would get better the more I went.

  1. Four times to many if you ask me RL.Seat post shim at any shop I would think is a hard pressed thing to ask for from this guy, come on RL you were testing I know it. This sounds like a flat tire, chain fix kind of shop only. Let me ask you this, does he carry any kind of modern day bikes, bet not.

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