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OK the time is near, I feel it in my bones, like the birds that get the urge to go south for winter or the migration the whales do to baja, its time, time to make our trek to the city of sin, the city that never sleeps, the city where a beam of light shoots into the air and breaks into space never to be seen again. On the way we pass an old ghost, a road named Zyzxx, the worlds biggest thermometer. The pull, the pull its getting stronger. I start looking at the hills and mountains and think to myself how would I go down this hill, how would I climb it.

This place, this place in the desert that lights up so bright at night like a diamond waiting to suck the life out of some, but not me, not me for I’m on the way to my “MECCA”, my place of worship once a year where we gather, we the media, we the dealers, we the makers that give you the riders what you want.

Ohhhh I feel it, my place of worship, my “MECCA”, but the first stop at my “MECCA” is the place in the desert where we start our trek up and down the hills of this place that will torture our souls with dust, heat, beer. A place of tents with goods, but none to trade only to show, touch, and drool over, but this is only the start for their is much, much more to be had in the fallowing days. It is not just of feasting on what the makers bring for us to show you, but to also catch up with old friends, see new movies, go to feast, drink free beer, and more beer, and then some more AAahhhhhh, INTERBIKE is coming!!!!!

The Start of MECCA

And in this time it is up to us the media to show you as much as possible to entice you as we get enticed by all that the makers bring to show us and the dealers what will be out in the coming months. You will start to see the pre spy photos and new lines of gear, parts, and bikes ( I have goose bumps just thinking about it.), and as we pass through the gates where only the chosen are allowed we will bring it to you through email, tweets, Skype, Youtube, and websites, and all manner possible.

So to give you your pre shot you need here is a taste of last year’s travel to my mecca, “INTERBIKE !!”  Enjoy.

Pro's show there spirit being here.

Friends come to share smiles, we walk along in the wonderful sunlight and ride all that is new to us, oh what a wonder time we live

They just wait for us.


There is so much to see while you are here you will surly miss much.  One has to slow him or herself down to not miss anything, control, control, you must learn control.

If you love the things you do, do them to the fullest extent and never stop. I truly believe that you will remain younger at heart in your mind as well as your body.

My bro stash

While I’m here I make my peace with all that is cycling, from road to mountain, to BMX, cruiser, and yes even fixie ( The latest fade that has lasted for what over five years now, OK it’s not a fade anymore.)


Yes this was to be true 2010 was to be it for Interbike here in Vegas. The kegs were going off the parties were many, heck one group was doing it big by giving top notch whiskey shot as a toast fair well to the Vegas venue just about every hour and handing out mustaches to go with the toast. Now this is STYLE!!
And you would look for the popping open of the kegs of beer.

Pouring the necter of the gods.


As the show ends for the day it is time for us to venture out into the lands around us, to see the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people that walk about, ahhh it is quite the adventure here in our annul trek to our “MECCA” we call INTERBIKE.  All that we suffer to bring you the newest pics of the the best bikes and products, the stories of things to be and the things that never will.


Now I won’t boar you with all the same old bike pics you see, but rather all that we go through to bring you what you want to see. We go through the hardships for you our reader so you won’t have to. You see this is hard for us, up early,to bed late, all day meetings, talking to so many people and so much more. Yes this is the “MECCA” for seeing all things bikes for the new year to come and the pull to go there is strong to make the trek here every year.


I look forward to this, but this year it is different for me, for I am going as the media. Not as a exhibitor or dealer, so does this mean more work, well I will find out.

“I feel the pull in me to go to the city in the desert getting stronger, my heart is beating harder and harder. I can’t wait.”