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If you folks recall, my favorite Iowan is Justin Betz. I received an email from him not too long ago talking about how the blue tuxedo jersey gave him super powers during a race and even won the fashion show.-RL Policar

Hey, I was just gonna let you know.  A while back I asked for you opinion on Airborne bikes, well, I went ahead and got a Zeppelin.  It ROCKS!  I found a local park where the local mtb riders association set up some trails.  Nothing too tricky, a lot of small ups and downs and a lot of roots and log-overs.  They also setup some skinnies, bridges, and jumps that make for a pretty darn fun little park! 
blue tuxedo

I found out last Thursday, that they were putting on their first ever time trials at the park this weekend!  I thought “what the heck” and decided to go for it.  So I convinced a friend of mine to join me and yesterday morning we both did our first ever race!  It was a BLAST!  I won’t mention how I did (less than awesome), but I did it! 
blue tuxedo
I spilled once (was too tired to jump all the way over a log), but one of the other guys who was near me on the trail said he could hear me laughing as I tumbled into the weeds! 
blue tuxedo
So it was a great time!  Now I have a better idea of what to expect, and I can actually do some training so I’m not so wiped out 1/2 way through the course!  Oh, the best part of the day, was during the awards ceremony, when I got the honorary  “Best Jersey” award for rockin’ the tux!  I made sure to let them know if they wanted one of their own they should check a lot!

Big thanks to JB for representin’ out in Iowa!

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  1. Hey Justin congrats from team racer Art on taking that first step to more fun and frolic with racing and looking good in that Tux jersey.

  2. I’m thinking we rubbed off on you when you were here. Congrats on the bike and racing and whatnot. Train hard so you can school us next time you’re out here.

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