HR — Hiking, Not Getting Fired

Since my bikes and I are on the outs right now I will post an HR. That’s a Hiking Report, not the chick in Human Relations that has no sense of humor and makes you sit through sexual harassment training every year.

Lately work has been the wedge in my biking relationship. My bike scowls at me when I get home for the lack of attention. She turns her back to me in bed. She says I spend more time with my coworkers than with her. However, for all the vitriol in our arguing, the make-up will be awesome (pics and video sure to come).

Last week we went camping up north in Kings Canyon NP. Last year we went to Quaking Aspen and until a month ago we planned on returning this year. However, a coworker suggested Kings Canyon and we all bit. He spun tales of bears, s’mores, starry nights, epic hikes, rushing rivers, and fermented beverages. Not one to miss a new adventure we packed the truck, tied down the kids, and drove for hours.

In my pre-planning for the trip I found out bikes are not allowed in the national park. Effin savages! The campground itself was great. There is certainly no shortage of spectacular views. If anything, you could complain that there are too many trails to hike and be overwhelmed my all that gorgeous nature ‘n sh!t. We (wife and kids in tow) set off for a morning hike. We decided on linking the Zumwalt Meadow Trail with Roaring River Falls for a sub 4 mile hike. As soon as we set off all I could think of was how great this would be to be on a bike. After a couple hundred yards and hearing the jubilant laughter from the kids I realized the benefit of hiking a trail sans bikes. The kids were free to hike and explore and pick up rocks, pine cones, and acorns without worry of a biker tearing around the next corner. Although, being the ever-protective, vigilant dad I was still on the lookout for snakes and nettles and such.

The hike did not disappoint one bit. Upon reaching the waterfall at trail’s end the family was a bit beat. I left them to eat the snacks we packed as I set off on the return alone to pick up the truck. We all enjoyed the trail and agreed that this would be on our yearly return list. We only scratched the surface of the hiking potential of the area. Maybe next hike I will take a set of handlebars and hold them out in front of me.

No tire marks, WTF?

Jonesin to Ride

Kings River

Zumwalt Meadow

"Wait here, I'll be back"

On the return I decided to cross the river. When the kids aren’t at your heels you can say, “I can walk 50′ on a felled tree to cross a river.” And here’s the proof. Although my son would have had a blast crossing it too. Just don’t tell your mother.