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I received the Clif Shot Roks to review. Here’s the “specs” (nutritional value)

One of the things I really liked about the Roks is that the outer coating doesn’t melt. So that means you can go on super long epic rides with the Roks in your pack or even in your pockets and they won’t get all melty and stuff. Shoot if you’re like me, you like to ride after work. That means I leave all my biking stuff in the car where it reaches up to 120 degrees. But Clif says it won’t melt so I don’t have to worry about them.

So how does this stuff taste? PRETTY DARN GOOD! Man, I have to admit, Clif Shot Roks have quickly become my new favorite in bikey snacks. They’re great for rest stops or for recovery. The fact that it has 20g of protein per serving makes it post-ride perfect. Plus there’s enough Carbs (28g) in there to help you keep going through out your ride. The best way to describe the texture/flavor would be this…take the chocolaty cover of a Whopper Malt Ball, and cover a chocolate Clif Bar with it. Bam! ROKS! It really is delicious and its easy on the stomach, it’s not heavy so its great for longer rides.

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Clif Shot Roks average $2.25 per pack or $$25 for a 10 pack.

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