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To follow up on my frame shopping, I ran in to something else that really bugs me. I hate it when I walk into a shop and none of the sales people acknowledge me. I know that I previously said that I’m getting hooked up with a frame, but I still wanted to shop around to see what I kind of deal on a different frame I could find. Anyhow, I went to shop A. yesterday, walked in and start looking at frames, and not one employee greeted me! So I drive down to shop B…AGAIN, shop employees didn’t acknowledge me! In fact, when I walked in, I had to say “excuse me” so I could get through the door way because one of the employees was talking to another guy about how the new Shimano shifters are so nice and yada yada yada. I spend about 10-15 minutes looking at frames that they had on the wall. After a while I just shook my head and walked out.
Ya I know that if I really wanted the help, I could have asked. But dude, what happened to “Customer Service?” I’ve been to other businesses where I’ve been treated better. In fact when I bought a refrigerator at Sears the lady made the sale based on her willingness to help. I was genuinely impressed with how well she treated us that when I was ready to buy the fridge, we made an appointment to see her and not just go with any other sales person on the floor.

Look man, I’m all about “supporting local businesses” especially bicycle shops, but if the customer service is lacking, then I’m taking money else where. If you work at a shop and you are reading this, think about what I’m saying. Would you keep going to a business if the customer service is poor? No! It’s the same thing with the sushi restaurant across the street from my home. Good food, but horrible customer service, so that means I won’t be coming back. Here’s an idea, for shop owners/managers, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE train your employees proper customer service. Teach them to greet and acknowledge potential customers. Teach them to be helpful as well as courteous. If there’s a shop that has great customer service, I’m more likely to shop there and I’m sure that goes for other people.

RL Policar

RL Policar is an avid mountain biker and the Editor In-Chief of and Between the two sites, he's published well over 4,000 articles (and growing).

2 thoughts on “ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!

  1. Man, I get frustrated with that type of thing too – and unfortunately bike shops seem to be worse than almost any other category of store. I understand if people are busy, but even a “be with you in a couple minutes” or “welcome to [shop name], let us know if you need anything” would be great.

    Not to say all shops do it… but way too many.

  2. Agreed! I have had the same thing happen many times at a local shop. One time I walked in and the owner was behind the counter, he looked at me, made eye contact said nothing and looked away. Never asked if I needed help. after looking around, I walked out and never went back.

    Now I drive 35 min to a shop that is friendly and helpful, rather than my local shop that is a 5 to 10 min drive.

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