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A true professional.

Lance Armstrong came out with his statement this last week stating “Enough is enough.” and he is not going to pursue his fight to go into arbitration with the USADA ending his battle in clearing his name and all allegation of doping, but of course the USADA came out and stated that this was an admission of guilt and stripped Lance Armstrong of his 7 TDF titles and banned him for life from racing.

So how did I feel about this, did I feel let down by Lance, did I feel that what he has did for cycling in the USA is now not worth doing, or do I feel like one of Americas best hero’s, a crusader for Cancer, a fighter with the strongest of wills to push far beyond most humans has somehow let down a nation that needs someone like him and now he’s a cheater.
“Hell no, my hats off to him for saying enough is enough!” Screw the USADA and Travis Tygart, what gives them the right to strip him of his 7 TDF titles. They are the UNITED STATES ANTI-DOPING AGENCY not the UCI (INTERNATIONAL CYCLING UNION), I mean the last time I checked the UCI was the governing body that handles international bans of their cyclist not the United States governing body of all sports in the WORLD telling the UCI what to do. I have never seen the USADA ban a foreign rider for the UCI.

The UCI has been against the USADA’s law suit of Armstrong and have supported him, so I say to the UCI, no I challenge the UCI to pronounce “LANCE ARMSTRONG IS STILL 7 TIME TOUR DE FRANCE TITLE HOLDER!!!”

OK we all know his background of fighting cancer, winning 7 TDF championships, countless lawsuits fighting doping charges from 1999 to 2012. (see Lance’s statement 08/24/12), fourteen years of fighting this crap. Fourteen YEARS!! This is enough to make anyone say enough, I don’t blame him one bit and to spend the amount of money to go through this, its got to be millions.

7 time TDF CHAMP!! Always and forever!!

So what does all this mean to me. I didn’t start really paying attention to the Tour till Greg Lemond won, this was a BIG, BIG deal, I mean the first American to win the Tour De France, a race we as American’s were never suppose to win in a sport that was dominated by the Europeans. Now I was not into cycling like I am now, but I understood the significance behind this, then comes Lance Armstrong. I will never forget the 99′ TDF when him and Ullrich were battling and Ullrich goes down bad and what does Lance do when he hears what happens, he waits for Ullrich, what a sportsman, then you had the famous Lance look back. Oh man if you got that handed to you, you were done and you just knew Lance was gone. It was the ultimate confidence breaker.

There is know doubt that he is by far the greatest TDF competitor on the planet, so when did this really start to become a real problem for Lance in my eyes, well Lance retires in 05″ after his 7th win Floyd Landis wins the Tour, but he’s busted for doping. Now if you ever saw this Tour Landis was not doing good, one day he’s way back not looking strong at all, but then comes back and just kills it. Okay I’m thinking cool, but wow this was an incredible come from behind win even Lance has never done a win like this. Landis is tested and well we know what happens, denial and of course he is stripped of his title, but he then starts pointing fingers. Tyler Hamilton came out and stated lance has doped, by the way both Landis and Hamilton who were former teammates of Lance.

Don’t cry because you got caught spoilsport.

Greg Lemond has been against all the doping in the sport back when he raced.  Lemond has even come out and said Lance has doped. Man was there a battle between these two.
I do believe no sport should have the athletes cheating.


The USADA can say what they want and do what they want, but Lance Armstrong will always be 7 time TDF champion. Come on lets look at this, Lance beats cancer, wins 7 TDF titles, retires, comes back after few years off not getting in enough training time to place 3rd in one of the WORLD’S toughest races know to man, and in the mean time since 99 has been the MOST tested athlete in the world since. He has NEVER, NEVER tested positive for drug use, do you think in all that time you would make one, I mean ONE mistake. Could one man have that much power and influence over the UCI and all those around him that all would be quite this long. I don’t know about you, but I would think that with people being greedy someone would have ratted out Lance a long time ago, hell our own President’s have gotten caught for stupid crap they do and Lance has way more power then them to keep people quite. He must pay them well.  I gotta say NOT!!

I want to see the absolute truth, the facts, the proof, a smoking gun that blows the doors wide open not a blood and urine test from 99, or here say. Screw you Mr. Travis Tygart of the USADA, I’m sure taking down Lance is a big punch ticket in your book and your patting yourself on the back right now.

The only thing Tygart has done is make Cycling look bad for the UCI and I sure as hell hope the UCI doesn’t let some other country tell them how to do their business.

All I can say is” Mr. Lance Armstrong you have given me some of the most exciting racing I have ever seen in my life. You have given me the will to push myself in my racing and to NEVER EVER give up, how to be a true sportsmen and professional.”
Thank you for all you have given us and I hope for the best to you and your family and I understand why you did this and you will hold your head up high and proud. Lance you will always will be one of the greatest cyclists alive to this sport.

I hope that some day I can meet you and give you a handshake.



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  1. I totally agree with what you have written here. I’d also like to point out that it is my understanding that they investigated/charged him beyond the statute of limitations. If it is not a witch hunt, why waste time and money going back beyond this point in time?

    Thanks for writing this opinion piece.

  2. Hey Brock
    Thanks for the kind words. Yes to me this has been the biggest witch hunt know to any sport and your also spot on that this is way beyond the statute of limitations. This is what kills me about this Travis Tygart would rather smear one of America’s greatest spokes persons for cycling just to say he got him. I’m sure he’s in his office high fiving his fellow cohorts.
    I wish Lance the greatest.

  3. One of the tenets of this great country of ours is that we are free to express our differing opinions. Thank you Art for rationally and logically writing yours. Thank You. The Lance situation is definitely a polarizing subject. As with any debate often emotion takes over for intellect. There is so much throughout the interwebs now about Lance. Most of it is emotional rhetoric. It is good to read something well thought out and well written. Do I agree? No. But that is not the point. Perhaps I will offer up a counterpoint to Art’s. Perhaps I will spend that energy on something more worthwhile, like riding. I love your last line how you would like to shake LA’s hand. I would like to flip him off.

  4. Well thanks Albacore,
    This is a subject that has been written about greatly in all media, Lance has brought a lot to cycling in the US as well as Lemond and it is great that we can express our opinions and I agree with you on that. Thanks, but flip him off, man does Lance owe you $50.00 buck.Just kidding.

    @ Loegan, man come on, LOL.

  5. Great article Art! I agree with Albacore tho, i think it was a great marketing campain that worked for everyone for almost 2 decades, great products got promoted and great examples of high achievements were given. All this wouldnt have been possible without a magic trick which most ppl dont even believe it happened, so its a win win!

  6. Thanks Gabe,
    But to say that this was a great maketing campain I don’t know about that. This may work for a movie star, but in Lance Armstrong’s case I think not. He has said that he would lose everything if this were true, it would ruin his Livestrong organization, lose of sponsors, and worst of all the people who believe.

    The bottom line is we could go on forever with whether Lance is guilty or innocent, now I use the word guilty fisrt because our society has proven your guilty first even when your innocent.

  7. Well again passions and emotions will always be a part of this subject and there will never be a rest when it comes to our emotions. This is what drives the human heart and gives us the sttength we need to push on. Bottom line Lance did race and he gave us some of the most exciting racing we have ever seen, he did not win by leaps and bounds, he won with the help of his team. Guilt is guilt and innocence is innocence,and we may never know neither, but as others have said with this verdict of the USADA we can now lose titles by hearsay and not proof. This is a great thing,so lets celebrate everyone.

    Hey I got a great quote ” Enough is enough! time to move on. Albacore you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe “so can’t we all just get along!”

    This is it for this Lance will live his life and so will we.

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