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Today Is International Bacon Day. No, not that Bacon. I know I don’t need to tell you to enjoy bacon; you were going to do that anyway. Recite all the cliches you’ve heard before because they are all true. Bacon is meat candy. Bacon is gifted from God. Bacon makes everything better. . . etc. The only thing more perfect would be a bike made of bacon. But then I’d never ride. I would have half of it eaten before getting to the trailhead. Yes, I have made just about every incarnation of bacon and they are all great. Bacon explosion,  bacon Jack Daniels, bacon cookies, bacon wrapped everything, the list is infinite. I am not going to bother with suggesting bacon recipes. Want a recipe? Add Bacon! That’s it. Don’t like bacon? Then we are not friends as I could never trust anyone who doesn’t eat/like bacon. Even my ultra hippie-lefty-vegan friend says the hardest thing about eating vegan is the absence of bacon. After nearly a decade it is the one exclusion he misses most. ENJOY BACON TODAY! And enjoy bacon tomorrow too.


Larger image here. Hang around a while, The Oatmeal speaks the truth.

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  1. Did you know that I came out with a Bacon Cake Pop? I take the traditional chocolate pop, and strategically place a 3/4″ piece of applewood bacon on top. The combination of salty-smoked flavor of bacon married to the sweetness of chocolate is AWESOME!

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