Change things up a bit

So the other day The Moe and I went out for our lunch time ride. Rather than taking my 29er, I brought out the Footbike.

To some this may look like a scooter, perhaps mechanically it is, but I have to say this thing is a butt kicker. I’ve never had such a great workout than with the Footbike. The major difference with this bike than your mountain bike is it uses your full body. From your legs, abs and upper body, it all gets worked out. How do I know? It’s because I’m sore all over after the following day.

Here’s the machine right here…looks unassuming. But it kick your butt and ask your mom out.
What’s great about the Footbike, you can use it to cross train with. I plan on riding it at least once a week to change things up a bit as I train for XC racing.
The Moe and I ended up riding 7.11 miles that day. Not bad on a bike and definitely a hard ride on a Footbile. Funny thing about this picture that The Moe took, in my head I thought I looked way cooler. But I looking way dorky with my orange socks, pink gloves and red helmet.
footbike mountain bike

Here’s video from our ride that day.

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