A tip when it comes to bleeding your brakes

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Every now and then you’ll need to bleed your brakes. One thing I would recommend, when you have this procedure done or when you do it yourself, it’s a good idea to get a new set of pads. Why? Sometimes when you bleed your brakes you’ll end up having to inject more fluid in your system. So what happens is, your pads are worn out and you put more fluid in, it causes the brake piston to push further out. Make sense so far?
mountain bike brake pads
What ends up happening, when you decide to replace the old pads at different time, you won’t be able to push back the piston far enough to be flush with the caliper to make room for your new pads so they can fit properly with the rotors because there’s too much fluid in your system.

New pads aren’t that expensive, you can find after market brands that can cost as low as $8 per set (depending on your brand/model).

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