Vulcan Premium Multi Sport Helmet Review

A few months ago we received a set of helmets to review from They’re typically known for their motorcycle accessories, but looks like they’re branching out into the bicycle helmet market.

Here’s how they describe the Vulcan helmet:

Vulcan Premium Multi Sport HelmetThe Multi Sports Safety Bicycle Helmet provides protection, whether on or off the road. This helmet features a lightweight and durable outer shell, multiple air vents, removable padding and an adjustable quick-release retention system.

  • Protection and Ventilation:The outershell allows the helmet to be rated one of the lightest helmets while providing excellent durability and integrity. The multiple vents with inner air channels draw the air through the helmet and over the brow for maximum cooling.
  • Pad Fitting:With the proper fit, the helmet will not move back and forth or side to side while fastened. If the helmet does not fit with installed pads, simply remove them and install a different size pad. To insure the proper fit, mix and match the pad thickness to best conform to your head shape.
  • Retention System:This Multi- Sport Safety Helmet uses a quick-release buckle that is simple and can be buckled without changing the adjustment. The straps must be snugly and evenly tensioned. Place the helmet firmly on your head and fasten the buckle.
  • Available sizes:Small/Medium (55-58cm)
    Medium/Large (58-61cm)

The current price for the Vulcan helmet ranges from $24.95-$29.95, depending on the color you want. They sent us a blue and pink, his and hers set.

In fact here’s a shot of LadyP and yours truly wearing the Vulcan helmets.

Pink and Blue Vulcan Helmet by

The Vulcan does have a good number of vents, 20 total. It comes with a ratcheting adjuster in the rear so you can custom fit it to your head. It also has a padded chin strap for added comfort.

Plenty of rear vents.

Inside view of the Vulcan.

Let’s talk about the fit of the Vulcan helmet. The blue Vulcan I had was a Med/Large. The Pink is a Small/Med. The fit wasn’t as great as I would have hoped. For starters I was constantly having to adjust the chin strap. Not sure if it just kept getting lose on its own or if the helmet would shift on me while riding, which meant I had to readjust it because of the change. This was the complaint that LadyP and I both had on our helmets. There was another issue I had with the blue helmet’s rear ratchet tension dial, it popped out a few times. I was able to pop it back in and it seemed to work after that.

What’s interesting about the Vulcan helmets, they fit kinda big. The Med/Large seemed a bit big even for my fat head. LadyP mentioned the same thing with the pink Small/Med helmet. In fact the smaller pink helmet actually fit my head just fine. Here’s proof, I raced with it because it matched my tuxedo jersey and gloves.

All in all, the Vulcan is an OK helmet. I say OK because the fit just wasn’t right. LadyP and I have owned helmets that cost anywhere from $19-$250. No matter the price, it all comes down to fit and ventilation. Though the Vulcan gets great air flow going through it, and works great for super hot days. I also liked how I was able to wear a bandana underneath. But it’s down fall is the fit, often times you’d see us adjusting the helmets while riding or during our rest stops. Then again the price of $24.95-$29.95 is rather appealing and it would make for a good spare helmet to have around in the event your friend needs one or if you forgot yours.

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