First Impressions: eXotic Carbon Rigid 29er Fork

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We just got in the eXotic Carbon Rigid 29er fork. This version is the disc only version and will be going on our 29er test rig shortly. Here is some information from eXotic’s website:

– Stunning flagship carbon mountain bike fork with 7075 Aluminium steerer, carbon fibre tube stanchions and forged 6061 Aluminium dropouts.
– This fork is disc brake specific.
– Weight: 680 gm
– 1 1/8 inch threadless ahead steerer
– Uncut steerer length: 265mm
– Diameter of carbon tubes: 34mm
– Rigorously tested to DIN standards.
– FoamX3 technology increases the impact strength of carbon fibre by up to three times by inserting low density foam during the manufacturing process.
– XBar Utilises XBar (pronounced cross-bar) technology to increase lateral strength by 30%.
– Rider weight limit: 95kg (210lbs)

eXotic carbon 29er 34mm stanchions

The fork is definitely light. How light? We don’t know yet as our measuring devices for very light items like this are not so accurate. But the website claims 680 grams which converted to pounds is just under 1.5 lbs. After hefting it, I’d guess its right about there.

Axle-to-crown of 465mm

We’ll be installing the eXotic fork on our 29er test bike in about a week or so. I’ll be providing pictures of it as soon as it goes on the bike. Stay tuned for some impressions and a full review.

Dropout details

In the meantime, check out the eXotic Carbon Rigid 29er fork website here.

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