Mountain bikes and Cigars

Probably not your most common pairing, but those are two things I enjoy, but not necessarily at the same time. But check this out, here’s a little tip that might come in useful if you like to smoke. One problem I had with a batch of cigars I recently purchased was that they were hand-rolled a bit too tight. So that means the draw on them is somewhat difficult. Rather than spending some cash on a drawpoker from a cigar shop, I used my noggin and a bicycle tool.

What you see here is my handsome hand, one of my favorite cigars, a Dolce Vita and a 2.5mm allen tool by Ice Toolz.

DIY Cigar Drawpoker


So what you want to do is carefully insert your allen tool on the base of the cigar.

You’ll want to get your tool all the way in, then rotate it to make the opening bigger inside.

What this ends up doing is opening up the cigar for a better draw so you can thoroughly enjoy it. If I may add, this works really well and I saved myself at least $15 from having to buy an actual drawpoker tool.

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