Titus Rockstar Alloy 29er Update

Not sure if you’ve ever experienced this but when you own something that isn’t quite the norm, it makes the item so much more special. Take for example one of my old motorcycles, an 81 Honda CM200 that I built into a Cafe Racer. It was really unique and cool because there weren’t many of them around. But in terms of mountain bikes, I kinda have that same sentiment when it comes to Bon Jovi AKA: Titus Rockstar Alloy 29er.

For starters the fact that it’s a boutique brand makes it even cooler. I’m one of those that still likes to remain an individual and not go along with the crowd. For those that know me, I do this with almost everything I do. So when people see my Rockstar 29er they do that face where their eye brows go up, lips pucker and nod their heads in approval.
titus rockstar 29er review
Just last week, The Moe, LadyP and myself went to spend a day at Snow Summit Bike Park. I brought along the Rockstar in hopes to see how well the bike would do in DH conditions. Mind you this bike was designed to be an XC rig, but because I want to be different, I put on a 140mm fork and have used this bike for gnarlier trails.

Here’s the Titus Rockstar 29er getting read for it’s first run.
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We made a few runs through out the day and each time the Titus Rockstar 29er performed like clock work. Suspension was dialed in to soak up all the rough stuff and because it’s lighter than my DH bike, I was able to man-handle the bike even more. This bike really is a super fun bike and I’ve enjoyed every single mile I’ve ridden with it. Did I miss my DH bike that day?

Here’s a shot that LadyP took of me after jumping the little ladder step down at the bike park.
titus cycles 29er

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