Do you get sized up based on the bike you ride?

One of my biggest pet peeves would be people that like to size me up based on the bike I’m riding. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t ride mainstream bikes such as Trek, Santa Cruz, Gary Fisher and the like. No, I ride or have ridden brands like Woodstock Bikes, Ibex, and Fezzari. Not that I don’t like the mainstream bike brands, heck some of them are straight out beautiful.

But I just hate it when I pull up to a trail head and immediately people start checking out what bike I have or what parts hang on them. It’s pretty annoying if you ask me. It almost seems like these dorks will not acknowledge or give you credit unless you’re rolling on something like a Tuner or an Intense.
intense 5.5

I normally don’t care what people think, but it just bugs me when people do that. Basically you’re already judged based on the brand you ride rather than the kind of rider you are. I would imagine if someone were to roll up in a badgeless bike these idiots would do that same, even if the bike was actually some sort of custom made bike.

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