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RL Policar of MtnBikeRiders Vs Vince Rodarte of KHS Bicycles

Posted by RL Policar On April - 15 - 2008

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For as long as man has been around, there is one force that no one is immune to. This force is called….”being fat!

RL Policar and Vince Rodarte, both are some of the biggest names in the bike business are going toe to toe in a weight loss challenge like no other!

So what’s at stake? Their pride mostly,…The loser of the challenge will be subjected to wear a dress for the entire duration of a Saturday morning GROUP RIDE at the World Famous Fullerton Loop in Fullerton, Ca. Breakfast will also be paid for by the loser.

The two will announce on Monday April 21st, 2008 their current poundage and weight loss goals to achieve in the 8 week period. Rodarte and Policar will do weekly weigh ins and publish the amounts on At the end of 8 weeks, the two will do a final tally to see which person has lost the most amount of flab.

To prove that Rodarte and Policar are pretty fat, here are a few photos for your enjoyment.

Rodarte getting ready to eat 8 In and Out Double Double Cheese Burgers…Thanks to Neil @ Adrenaline Bikes for snapping the photos!

Policar getting crapped on by a bird.

RL and his chins…

More of RL and his chins…

Stick around as weekly updates will be posted on Rodarte and Policar’s progress.

23 Responses to “RL Policar of MtnBikeRiders Vs Vince Rodarte of KHS Bicycles”

  1. Bob says:

    God I miss In-N-Out Burger. New Jersey sucks.

  2. Priscilla says:

    Dude. Did you seriously throw back 8 burgers Vince?!?! Dang.
    I love me some In N out grilled cheese and french fries…yummy.

  3. Dana says:

    You guys hardly look fat, maybe a bit on the rounder side, but not fat. Should be an interesting competition, good luck to both of you.

    Priscilla, you’re gonna have to quit feeding that guy. And RL, you’re gonna have to fight the “In-And-Out” urge. I’m sure you’ve seen one of those bumper stickers…

  4. RL says:


    Funny thing is, I’ve already lost some weight. At work we get catered lunches every day along with all you can drink sodas and all you can eat ice cream. So when I gave up meats, sodas and ice cream, I had dropped 11lbs in 4 weeks. But I actually want to drop another 40lbs. Basically I want to be pretty lean.

  5. Dana says:

    Holy mackerel, where do you work? I’d probably look like a sumo wrestler with eats like that at my disposal. Takes a lot of will power under those circumstances.

    Congrats on your weight loss already, it’s a worthy goal to have. I’m sure Priscilla isn’t complaining either.

  6. RL says:

    I’d rather not say who I work for, but you can BUY anything from this DOT com.

  7. Let me know when the dress wearing day would be so I could take some leave days. I wouldn’t miss this for anything!

  8. Iceman says:

    You will both fail miserably. I see the two of you hand in hand wearing dresses and spoon feeding each other at breakfast. You’re both weak and will give in to the hungry bear that just came out of hibernation-you know, your stomachs. I only have to say one word-CAKE!

  9. RL says:

    Ha! I don’t even like cake!

  10. RL Policar says:

    Iceman…that name sounds familiar…I have a strong inkling that you are a KHS employee! Since you work with Vince, do me a favor, leave Ding Dongs and HoHos as well as Chocolate Milk on his desk every other day…fatten him up cuz I’m sure you’d love to see him in a dress!



  11. Priscilla says:

    lol. I imagine we are going to have a HUGE turnout for that group ride….hehehe.

  12. R.L. ….You are going DOWN!!!

    While you’re up at Sea Otter swilling the FREE beer, I’ll be putting in hard miles, training miles. Eating stuff that is good for me… Rabbit food. I’ll take my plump 243 lb frame and wittle it down to a stealth 220…maybe even 210! I’ll be spinning circles around you. In the words of one of my heroes..” I pity the fool…!

    Have Fun up at the Otter!

  13. Sharon says:

    R.L. Watch out – I’m putting my $$$ on Vince, because I hear determination in his voice. Apparently that is what it takes to lose weight – SERIOUS DETERMINATION! Good luck to both of you, and I can’t wait to see each of you 20 lbs. thinner! You’ll be “smokin’ hot” instead of just “hot”! :)

  14. Thanks Sharon!


  15. RL Policar says:

    Vince I can’t wait either, I want to see you smokin’ hot in a dress!

    Either way, we both win on this contest, actually our wives will!

  16. Laura Dobbs says:

    I am going to play the computer version of the game and see if I can fit into a dress in 8 weeks. Vince, Sorry, Guess I won’t torture you and send brownies this week! Maybe in 8 weeks. Vince would look good in a nice spring like salmon color dress if anyone feels like shopping. It would look good with your skin tones LOL!

  17. Anthony A says:

    My $ 2 bucks are on Vince. I have personally witnessed his eating abilities and I know what he can put down…..but I think it’s more that just passion like Picasso and a paint brush or Michelangelo with a hammer and chisel or as I prefer to put it Vince and a burrito, or a hamburger, or tacos, fries, malt liquor…….I think its more like dedication that force drives a man to eat 8 hamburgers or go to the moon or build the Pyramids. Besides that, Vince can ride!

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  19. Lita says:

    Vince, if you win, I will personally give you a 100 dollar bill.

  20. Crash N Burn AKA Vinces Little Big Bro says:

    Hey BIG Little Bro,

    Good Luck on losing some of that weight.
    It’s really tough giving you brotherly hugs at Christmas time.
    By the way exactly when is that Fullerton ride supposed to take place?
    I’ll be out on May 30th, maybe you can hook me up with a bike and a ride on the 31st?


  21. Felicia says:

    Hey Cuz! C’mon I know you could get down to at least 190lb :0 Good Luck I know you can take this guy…..Although seeing you in a dress, in all of your “fabulosity” priceless…….Love ya, Feli

  22. The Big Effr says:

    Vince, make sure your pansa does not get stuck between the cranks and the frame…..OUCH!!!!!

  23. Gotta Love Family…. Yeah..RL is a good guy. I really like him and feel really bad about making him wear the dress. But like i’ve said’s for a good..nah..GREAT cause. Weight loss for our health. It’ll be nice when i can run and play with my kids and not get winded… :)

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