PRODUCTS TESTED:Harlot Clothing: Scarlet X-Short, Fabulous Hoodie, Essential T

ABOUT ME: 5’5, 128lbs, 31 year old female. I love all kinds of riding but Mountain Biking is by far my favorite!

TESTING GROUNDS: Orange County Trails, LA Trails, and Idyllwild


Made of breathable, stretch nylon/polyester with a Dryon™ water and stain repellent finish
Side stretch panels offer greater mobility and extra wicking
Soft, stretchy liner made with silver fiber technology to provide natural anti-odor, anti-static, and thermodynamic properties.
Featuring our exclusive BCZ padding system
Low rise fit with contoured stretch waistband
Inseam=11 inches (for size medium)
2 back pockets, 1 with embroidery
Sewn in USA

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this ensemble in the mail. I wasn’t sure what to think of a company that is named Harlot and has a “Beaver” collection. But I have a good sense of humor and got a good chuckle out of the advertising.

Harlot sent me their Scarlet X-Short in black. I have been putting these babies through the ringer for some time now,and these shorts have become my preferred short for racing. They have held up under quite a few nasty crashes and they honestly look as new as the day that I got them. The material is a stretchy nylon/polyester material which allows you to move freely during your rides and they have held up well under many washes. There is a breathable side panel also on the side of the short that allows for extra stretching during my rides.

The fit of these shorts is amazing. VERY COMFY. There is no pinching or tight elastic in these shorts. They sit lower on the waist than most shorts which I found to be extremely comfortable. This avoided any of that cutting into my waist line that I sometimes experience while sitting on my bike. I also have to mention the style of the short. If you notice in the picture these shorts rest right above the knees.

While this may feel a little too long with some shorts, this was not the case with the Scarlet X-short. I typically find myself gravitating towards a shorter length of skirts and shorts because I don’t like to feel like my range of movement is restricted, but these shorts are so stretchy that the length is not an issue. I have never felt like the shorts got in the way or annoyed me on the trails. This is important to me because when I am racing the last thing I want is to feel uncomfortable in my clothing. There are also NO zippers or elastic. Yes, you read that right! I love that I can just slip these babies on! They are are so stretchy yet they keep their shape and keep everything in place!

2nd Place Mt Sac X-Country race 2008
I also want to give props on the design of this short. I don’t know what they did or how they did it..but these shorts make your butt look good. No kidding. They seem to raise the tush and put things where they need to be! I am a girl – I think about these things! 😀

Lastly, I want to talk about what Harlot refers to as the “BCZ” or Beaver Comfort Zone system. Yes I just said “Beaver”. (lol). There are worse references out there so in comparison “beaver” isn’t so bad. I particularly like that you don’t have that diaper feeling with these shorts, yet there is enough padding to make your rides comfortable. The BCZ is part of a thin soft liner that runs along the inside of the short. This liner did not bunch up which was surprising because it really is not tight nor is there any elastic. Felt absolutely beautiful! I was really pleased with the feel of these. These shorts breath really well and I never worried about the shorts falling low on my back side.

2nd Place Bonelli Park X-country – 2008
Overall I would HIGHLY recommend these shorts for the ladies that like to tear it up in the dirt! Love, love, love them! My only complaint is that a little pocket would be nice to hold some Gu or gels. I wear them ALL the time and they have instantly become a favorite in my biking wardrobe. These are priced at $70. Not necessarily pocket change but definitely worth the investment. These will hold up strong for years to come!


Next is the “Fabulous Hoodie”. Ride Bikes, Be Fabulous…need I say more?? Tell me this is not one of the cutest tops you’ve seen? It’s a comfy loose fitting cotton top. I get lots of compliments when I am sportin’ this top. I think this would make a great gift for a special friend….it’s young and fun. It also pairs well with the shorts or just some jeans. There’s a nice strong hem on this top…and very durable. Lots of washes and it still looks good. 🙂 Priced at $40.


100% super soft, technical polyester
Tagless neck, non-chafe seams
Wicking, pill resistant, and stretchy
Small star tag near hem for secret powers
Perfect for any activity that makes you sweat
Machine wash/dry
Made in USA

The perfect compliment to the Scarlet X-Short. This is a nice classic top. No frills or sparkle. Simplicity at its best. This top has a nice form fitting cut and it soft to the skin. It wicks well and breathes well. No elastic to mess with at the bottom of the shirt and is durable after many washes and rides. I don’t typically wear high collared tops while I ride because I feel a little claustrophobic but the collar on this top did not feel constricting. The price is less than most jerseys out there. At $38 you can purchase it in black or lake (which is a blue-gray).

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