Hug an Angry Asian Day Ride of 2011

If you all didn’t know, today is Hug An Angry Asian Day. To celebrate this great day, we decided to assemble post-work ride with a few Asians and a couple of Mexicans, we added Moe and Priscilla in the mix because we don’t discriminate.

Here’s how our ride started…
Then Moe talked about something he found…
Moe leading the ride since he’s on his “Sexy Bike”, the KHS CX.
My Mini-Me on the tandem.
Before we ended our ride, we got attacked by two squirrels that really ticked me off. I was pretty livid from the situation, but lucky for me, Moe remembered that it was Hug an Angry Asian Day, and implemented a much needed hug.
I know what you’re thinking, and no I don’t really consider myself “Asian,” but I figured it was close enough so I could technically still benefit from this festive day.
close enough
To cap off the night, we stopped off at our favorite Americanized Mexician-ish Fish Taco place, Wahoo’s.
If you missed out on Hug an Angry Asian Day, don’t worry, much like the Chinese New Year, the celebration actually lasts for 3 months!

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