New Product Received: Policar Ultimate System of Hydration(PUSH)

I received this new hydration pack from PUSH…well basically its the pack that Randy designed and built…by hand! Yup we’ve got a Martha Stewart in our midst and he’s not afraid to use his talent!

So I’ve been asking him if I could have it since he was making another one…from scratch! Sho-nuff, he sent it!

I got this bad boy and dang! I am very impressed! Just check out the detail. It even has my name on it! Hehe 🙂

Check out those straps out, chest and waist, this puppy ain’t goin’ no where.

I bet you can’t see my face between the camo PUSH and the camo Hoss Hat that I have on…

Here’s a closer shot. Those are Airborne Rigger wings…HOOAH!

Padded back and shoulder straps.

That’s industrial strength stitching. Levi Strauss got nothing on Randy!

I’m actually going to review this pack and see how well it holds up to our tests. I figure if it can withstand what I can do to it, heck you should email Randy and see if he can make you one!

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