Interbike 2007: Zoic

Ha! And you thought we were all done talking about Interbike, huh? We’ve got more! We promised we would make up the lost days to you. So here you go! Zoic is another great company I ran into an Interbike. Pretty amazing and unique actually. Check this out: Zoic offers fabrics in their collections that are made of recycled bamboo/polyester for their tops, they offer 100% organic tees, and they even have recycled bamboo/cotton for their bottoms!!!
How cool is that?!? The bamboo in their fabrics offers a natural UV protectant.

Again, my amateur photos do this clothing no justice!

Their lines include some really clean cuts and soft fabrics.

They even have a line for young boys! Extra padding in the arms and knees included!

They have a great variety for both commuting and mountain biking.This skirt attaches to a removable liner. Very nice!

Really loving the eco friendly clothing. And this quote sums it up “Through choosing and wearing Zoic, we hope to inspire consumers to get more out of the environment while taking less from it.”

Love that! Stay tuned for reviews of Zoic apparel. Looking forward to putting some wear into their clothing on the streets and the dirt!!! 🙂

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