Relax Vibe Rides Explained has been known to have “Relaxed Vibe Rides.” We’ve document some of them through videos and photos. For the most part some folks that join us for these rides seem to enjoy them just as much as we do.

Here’s the method to the madness. We like to ride, carry conversations, root for each other, and enjoy everything the trail can offer. But the most important part of these rides is the fact that we enjoy each other’s company.

You see you can get more out of riding in a relaxed vibe than you would rushing through the trails. Sure there’s value in training rides and conditioning, heck our own staff races…and Priscilla got 2nd place at the Mt. Sac race. She got there through rigorious training and conditioning. Jeremy and Lance did very well at that race too…heck they’re way faster than Moe and I will ever be.

But my point is, a good fun ride is just as important as training ride. Sure the ride itself may take longer because you’re always looking out for new jumps, new trails or anything that might add some fun to the day.

So here’s what recommends, throw in a few “relaxed vibe rides” every few weeks. Basically do your training ride one weekend, then a fun ride the following. You’ll see that these rides will liven up your mountain biking experience.

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