My shrink is black and has two wheels…

In the past few rides I’ve been on, I’m starting to realize that my bike (the black Sette Reken) is helping me deal with some of the demons that I have. For one, its drawing out some pent up anger that I have from past situations and the pedaling allows me to get rid of the aggression. This usually happens when I’m climbing.

It’s rather weird that this is happening, perhaps its because I’ve got nothing to distract my mind and something about riding a bike, relaxes my brain and brings to surface some of the most negative thoughts that need to be dealt with. Years ago, I used to suffer from severe anxiety attacks. I was on medication for it, but once I started mountain biking, I was able to manage my attacks and eventually I got off the meds.

I’m not saying the riding bikes will cure your mental illness, but for me its proving to be very therapeutic. I get the same way when I am working on bikes. When I’m wrenching, I usually get into this relaxed zone where I am completely happy. Weird huh?

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  1. Yeah, I experience the same thing while I bike and run. So many thoughts run through my head….usually a lot of negative experiences when I run..and really random stuff from the past. I do always feel better afterwards though.

  2. So true. The faster you pedal, the quicker you leave behind all the assholery the work day brings.

    Contact sports are also great to relieve pent up anger.

  3. “When Iā€™m wrenching, I usually get into this relaxed zone where I am completely happy”

    Not me. If anybody saw me while I was working on my bikes, they would definately recommend I get some help. I’m convinced tire beads seat themselves properly with constant swearing at high volumes.

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