Once you go black…you never go back…

Yeah I know its a well worn cliche. But I wanted to let everyone know that the Sette Reken frame is back at Pricepoint.com!

Pricepoint.com sold out the last batch and now its back. They even have size as small as 14″ and all the way up to 20″. The price still remains a super low low and affordable cost of $99.98. That has to be one of the best deals on the internet!
sette reken frame

As you may have already seen, I’ve built up a formidable single speed mountain bike that has literally transformed my riding! Seriously, just ask anyone that I ride with, they’ll all say that I’m a faster rider because of this bike.
sette reken

What’s cool about this frame is that its VERY tough. It’s totally legit man! I’ve taken this bike through so many tough trails such as Rock-it, Lynx, Cholla and more, and it has never given up! I would totally recommend it. Heck, I may even get another frame just so I can build up a geared race machine…

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