So here’s our next project, we’re working on getting some sublimated jerseys, but not like the club fit kind. These can be worn for XC, DH and BMX. Here’s what our first round looks like.

The jersey is was created by my work place, TAI Sports. We do custom sublimation and softball equipment. I even run the blog,

Here’s a close up of the jersey. Our next round of jerseys will most likely have the logo a larger diameter. Then on the back, across the shoulders would say “”

Elite is only available exclusively by TAI Sports, and its Dry Fit!

I only had 2 made, but once we get the final samples and we feel good about them, we’ll get more made.

17 Replies to “ Jersey-Sample”

  1. I think it looks pretty sweet with the logo the size it is now. Probably would look real nice on my 172 lbs.pumpin’ steel and sex appeal,chisseled out of granite frame. When can I expect mine to arrive in the mail?

  2. I will definitely be ordering 3 for me and my family. Will you be doing some for the Commuter site? I’d buy some “Gas Sucks Ride a Bike”, since my wife and I commute (reflective strips on it or reflective lettering?).

  3. MaxDe,

    Yes we’ll be offering the same style shirt with the BikeCommuters logo on the front.

    Jack, yes this shirt can and will make anyone look buff. Its the way they were cut…

  4. Any chance of getting jerseys with rear pockets? How else am I supposed to carry my Glock and my snacks, short of a fannypack?!?

    I look forward to versions…while I AM a MTNBikerider, I don’t do it enough to be “officially” cool. I do ride for transportion nearly every day, though.

  5. just curious if you have a price on them yet. we did “real” club jerseys from Champion systems, came out nice, but would be curious about doing something more casual as well for the bike club here.

  6. I don’t always ride my Xtracycle…but yes, I COULD put the fridge on there!

    I was thinking more about the days when I choose a lightweight road bike from my stable.

  7. They look great guys… I do agree that the logo would look better a little larger, but the over all design is cool. Not sure if you are thinking of making up stickers that look exactly like this or not, but I would definitley be interested in a few.

    Maybe even a few that say “RL for president.” lol

  8. Like the logo and the overall look, but the sleeves are way too long. You’ll have to toss some scissors in the box along with the shirt. 😛

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