First Clipless Fall

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One of our newest riding buddies, Ryan K. recently got some new gear for his birthday. He received a nice set of pads, shoes and Crank Brothers Pedals. Ryan and I had emailed each other prior to our ride last week and I warned him that it takes some time getting used to the clipless pedals. With that said, he advised me to bring my camera just in case he fell.

Well, I did bring it, and here he is on his first clipless fall. I felt honored to be part of this momentous occasion. Thanks Ryan!

Oh by the way, the bike is ok!

RL Policar

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14 thoughts on “First Clipless Fall

  1. Welcome to the clipless club! be thankful you tipped over on dirt! my first fall was onto asphalt.

  2. My first clipless fall was at the end of my drive way. No harm done, except to my pride. There were about 10 motorists that saw my slow fall from glory. 🙂

  3. Yeah… every time I fell I was going under 5 MPH… Heh heh welcome to the club dude!

    BTW… what pedals are you using? They look like Crank brothers Candy or Smarty…

    I had Crank brothers Smarty pedals and they sucked so bad! They wouldn’t clip in for the life of me and would release only when they felt good and ready. I switched to the Crank brothers eggbeaters SL and have not had a problem since!

  4. Jay,

    I’m using the Smarty’s. I wish I could tell you if they sucked or not, but I really dont have anything to compare them to. All I can say is that I felt fairly comfortable with them after about 5 or 10 minutes of clicking/unclicking in the parking lot. They seem cool to me. Plus they match my pads and gloves 🙂

  5. I’ve used and own Smartys, Candys, Quattros and Eggbeaters… I love them all and never had a issue with them.

  6. Well maybe I just got a bad set of pedals then. I originally thought that it was just me, but I let two of my buddies that have a lot of experience riding/racing try them and they couldnt clip in or out the way you should be able to either.

    P.S – Now I’m looking into road pedals for my new road bike I’m getting tomorrow.

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