I want to be like…

As a kid I remember idolizing certain TV and Movie starts. My biggest hero was Officer Poncherello from the show CHiPs.

Then there was Michael Knight…that dude was awesome!

But now as an adult there’s a few guys that I admire. Anyhow so here’s my list of my top 5 of Mountain Biking Man that I look up to:

Dale Holmes. He races BMX, 4X and Track.

Geoff Kabush…simply because he has some wicked sideburns!

Tom Ritchey…cuz he’s got a sweet moustache!

Gary Fisher…that’s a no brainer.

Last but not least…I want to be like this guy. Ryan Leech, why? Because we have the same initials, we both ride at the same level…and he’s a super nice guy!

I’m sure there are other worthy candidates, but so far this is my top 5. If you’d like to add to it, feel free!

5 Replies to “I want to be like…”

  1. For me:

    1. Shaun Palmer – cause he’s the shiznit! How many ppl do we know can tear it up an several sports…

    2. Brian Lopes – super fast, still schooling the youngens

    3. Greg Minaar – Doesnt matter what bike he rides, his still kickin A$$!

    4. Geoff Kabush – Consistent in the Nationals

    5. Jeff Steber – making SICK bikes = INTENSE!!! 🙂

  2. Do they have to all have to be non-fiction? If not then my number one would be:

    1) Superman..Just try to pin a steroid scandal on this dude.
    2) Lance Armstrong. This guy is just an amazing inspiration.
    3) Ned Overend. Nuff said.
    4) John Tomac. Nuff said again.
    5) Joe Montana. The greatest quarterback of all time. Don’t even try to debate me on this fact. 🙂

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