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At Sea Otter, we met up with our friend Steve Boehmke and while we chatted he gave me a small tub of a new chamois ointment called Okole Stuff, this is endorsed by World Famous Racer,Pua Sawicki and made by Team Mata LLC.

How do you pronounce it?

Okole (oh koh lay). Hawaiian word for the gluteus maximus region or buttocks.

What is it supposed to do?

an ointment that really works and stops the cringing feeling of getting back in the saddle, taking another stroke or pounding the pavement for one more second. With Okole Stuff you can put all your focus back into your riding, racing and training whether it’s for one hour or 24 hours.

Okole Stuff as Lanolin, Allantoin, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe and Love. It’s primarily made with Petroleum Jelly so that means its pretty slick and sticky.

The Tea Tree Oil is very noticeable in the fragrance of the Stuff, I like it, some folks may not. So the real test came when I finally took a gob of it into my fingers and applied it all over my nuts, butt and any areas that would be touching the chamois of my shorts.

Boy I tell you what, this stuff is great! Not only does it make your butt area nice and comfy, but it leaves your parts in the same condition it was before you rode.

The only problem I had with it…well it is Petroleum Jelly, so washing this stuff of my fingers made it hard. But that’s nothing a bit of warm water and soap can take care of. If anything, just use a paper towel to apply it.

I’ve used regular lotions and even Utter Butter as well as Butt Butr, but none of those really compare to how well Okole Stuff works. Heck, I even use it on my feet before putting on my socks when I ride or go to work.

Cost: $25.00
…well worth it.

So check it out, get some Okole Stuff, you won’t regret it.

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  1. Ok, so I’ve never used anything like this, how do I know if I need it? (Insert Jokes Here)

    Would’nt a correct fitting saddle eliminate any need for this product?

  2. Would’nt a correct fitting saddle eliminate any need for this product?

    This stuff is great if you’re getting chaffed or super tender from riding. A good fitted saddle is great and all, but eventually you’ll need to tend to your bits that are raw….

    I’ll let you try some of the stuff I have.

  3. I think that your chamois has more to do than the saddle. If you sweat to the point that your chamois will no longer absorb the moisture, chafing can occur.

  4. heres my take on that sort of stuff, I don’t usually use anything for 2-3 hour evening rides and even longer rides on the weekend, but when you start to put alot of rides back to back to back, I find that things do tend to get chaffed/tender down there. So I use generic triple antibiotic, not for the bug killing, mainly just for the petroleum jelly type base and it really helps alot. I think it may also be more needed for roadies that spend alot more time in the saddle than we mountain bikers do. I also think there something to the saddle/chamois fit as well as just the skin sensitivity of different people.

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