Thank you Dainese of Costa Mesa

Last Saturday Dainese hosted the Freedom Riders Video Showing. With the help of the kind folks of SDG, Sette,, and ODI, we had tons of stuff to raffle. also donated about a dozen shirts for the event. DB Media Group provided the audio visual support by setting up a projector and screen for our viewing pleasure.

We had about 20 mountain bikers of all levels and backgrounds at the showing. Art Aguilar, the coolest guy at Dainese, was instrumental in getting this showing to take off. He pulled some strings at the D-Store and made a few calls and was able to secure our spot in the store for the movie.
D-Store in Costa Mesa
After the movie, we held a raffle for all the goodies we received. These items included grips from Sette, and ODI, saddles from SDG, a Hydration Pack from Sette, T-Shirts from Dainese threw in some gloves, knee/shin guard and the grand prize for the event was a Dainese Raptor Full Face Helmet.

Max “Sam Hill” Russo winning something cool!

Art Aguilar won a pair grips, woohoo!

Priscilla won the grand prize, Dainese Full Face Raptor Helmet. She’s begging me to take her downhill riding ASAP!
dainese full face raptor helmet

In closing, would like to thank all those who showed up, and the kind folks that donated products for the showing. I can’t forget about our friends at Dainese, Art Aguilar and Tom Monroe (Big Boss Man at the D-Store ). Thanks again guys for making this happen. So if you didn’t make it, here’s what you missed.

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  1. Small difference between Dainese and Dainese D-Stores. This was an event by the Dainese D-store like the one they held for us last time, not by Dainese USA and Tom is the new manager at the D-Store, not the “Big Boss Man” at Dainese USA. The big boss man I met was called Paolo I think.

  2. Jono, as they stated above, I am the manager at the D-Store, although we are all headquartered in the same building in Costa Mesa. The new head of Dainese USA operations is Roberto, and he rides mtn bikes too! Thanks to everyone who came out and made this event a success.

  3. Thanks for everything guys it was great having you guys there and I look forward to doing more with you.
    And great vid RL and photos Joe.

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