Take Junior with you… Adams Trail A Bike

Never leave home without your kids again, my daughter is in Love with her newest Trail A Bike. I say “newest” because it replaces her standard non suspension single speed Trail A Bike (pictured below).

A lucky find on Craigslist was this Mint condition Adams Trail A Bike-Shocker, it has a five speed coupled with a Grip Shift, and an adjustable rear suspension. Today we took the Rig over to Whiting Ranch to test out the new Trail A Bike. Lets keep this short, it works GREAT. The Little Animal didn’t complain once about it being too bumpy as she did before. I was towing it with my old Santa Cruz Bullit with super soft suspension, and 8 inch brakes so we were able to tackle some more robust trails then we had before with the hard tail with v-brakes.  The Little Animal is very Happy with her new TRAIL A Bike, so is Dad.