Woodward West Race Summary

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We are finally on our way back from Woodward West, Joe and I had a great time racing this venue. Woodward West’s track is non-technical, but it does have its challenges.

It was nice to see our Teammate Wes make it to the venue, we were able to hear him cheering us on during our practice and race runs.

Even though it was only Joe and I in our category (we miss you Wes!) him and I raced hard and pushed each other to improve our times on our second run.

When people say I’m nuts for racing Downhill even after an injury that required surgery, I would say that it has been worth it due to the great times that I’ve had and some of the great people that I met.

Here is the video of my first race run, this time you won’t have to tilt your head sideways:

5 thoughts on “Woodward West Race Summary

  1. Great job boys! Wow, Looks like Moe is getting better and faster. Awesome to see you guys having fun.

  2. Great job guys. You both raced really good. It’s the least I can do is go out and support you guys. Love my team/family you guys are the best

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